Open daily 11am - midnight


409 Caroline St, Key West, Florida

(Behind Hanks Saloon)

(305) 304-3004

Full Liqour now available


ELI PANCAMO (AKA GRANDE CABEZA) moved to Key West after coming down for a two day vacation. He had no idea that the Key's Disease was so contagious. Born in Southern Illinois, he lived there until he finished high school. He then set out on a journey that took him to Denver, Austin, New Orleans, Virginia Beach, and then finally Key West, where he has lived for the past sixteen years.

KENNA PANCAMO (AKA PRINCESS BUTTERCUP) was a yearly vacationer from the time she was a little girl. She and the family would come down from Johnson County, Kansas to enjoy the lovely weather and the wonderful laid back attitude. They were a family that loved the water, and Kenna proclaims herself as a true Water-Baby. With their love of scuba diving and marine life, her family finally made the commitment to make the move sixteen years ago and have been a part of the Key West community ever since. Fourteen years ago the world became one when she met Eli.

Their dream was to one day have their own little restaurant, but never knowing that was exactly what they would get. After years of looking they began to feel that their dream might not come true. Finally, with help of friend they stumbled across a little silver opportunity. With his encouragement to go for it make it, the happy couple put the wheels in motion. With years of recipes and ideas behind them, they found a way to make it work out of a 6x8 foot cart. All you have to do most of the days is look into the eyes of the thirty-plus people in line... there is wonder there, (along with mouths watering) at the magic happening...

So when you're walking down Caroline St. And you see their Attack-Van parked in front of the Silver Bullet, stop by and say hello - even if you have already eaten!! They love to meet new people


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